Mental Toughness

The world in which we live is full of pressures and stressors.

From the moment we wake to the time we go to sleep, most of us find ourselves responding to stress, pressure, and challenge. For some of us that pressure is a driver.

It stimulates us and we respond by aspiring to high performance. For others, that same pressure will produce a different response.

Why The Mental Toughness Program?

we live is full of pressures and stressors

Most of us find ourselves responding to stress

Pressure is a driver


Our assessments and development programs enable individuals and organisations to:

  • Identify nature of challenge and the sources of stress and pressure – and the consequences for performance
  • Identify individual’s strengths and mental toughness development needs in dealing with stressors, pressure and challenges
  • Implement techniques to deal and/or cope with stressors and challenges and develop their mental toughness
  • Create and sustain effective plans to build mental toughness and optimise performance, wellbeing and develop positive behaviours

AQR has a wealth of experience in this area and has developed a suite of highly effective mental toughness development programmes which can be are customised for specific applications.


Our mental toughness development programmes use a blend of experiential learning and encouragement of purposeful practice and reflection. The result is a complete package which has valuable applications in the social, health, educational and occupational worlds. It applies to every aspect of developing performance, positive behaviour and wellbeing in individuals. Our core programme is modular in format to enable tailoring to specific requirements.


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